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Testosterone Propionate price chart

The cost of testosterone propionate attracts many athletes who are interested in pharmacology. Compared to other steroids it’s considered more affordable and overall quality is high, which reduces the risk of side effects during the cycle.

Testosterone Propionate is manufactured by several high-quality pharmaceutical companies. Each brand may have a different price, one being slightly higher or lower than the other. This does not mean that one brand is better than the other. The money spent on Test Prop is well what it, regardless of what manufacturer you buy from.

How much does propionate injection cost?

Testosterone propionate is sold primarily through the pharmacy chain. The drug has all the necessary certificates, laboratory tests and expert opinions. Pharmaceutical ester is sold in sealed packages. Ampules of 1 ml are reliably soldered and have characteristic inscriptions. The cost of the pharmacy option is about 7.50 dollars per injection.

High-Quality Testosterone Propionate for sale

High-Quality Testosterone Propionate for sale
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You can buy injectable Testosterone Propionate right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
You can buy injectable Testosterone Propionate right now. Famous brands and premium pharmaceutical quality only.
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Drugs in online stores come from different manufacturers. To purchase online broadcasting, you need to spend from 5.50 to 8.50 dollars per injection. The cost often depends on the supplier. Domestic airs are much cheaper and more accessible for many professional athletes who need to purchase in large quantities.

What influences the cost of the drug?

In addition to the supplier, the cost of the injection is affected by the presence of additional impurities in the liquid solution. Also, prices depend on the quality of the oil. Often, in the domestic market there are injections for 5.50 dollars per vial with a sufficiently thick oil, which is problematic to inject intramuscularly without first heating it up. It is important to carefully select a supplier so that there are no problems when using these steroids in a cycle.

Also, the cost depends on the place of purchase. As a rule, online stores are always cheaper than pharmacies. However, when buying online it is important to monitor the quality of manufacture and the origin of the drug.

We are going to research all possible Test Propionate products offered for sale over the counter and online and provide you unbiased review of each of the dealer. Right now we have purchased Testosterone injections by Alpha Pharma, Maxtreme, Dragon Pharma and BM Pharmaceuticals. As soon as these vials and ampoules arrive we will be posting about results and final cost. So be sure to sigh up for our newsletter when we post such reviews on our blog.

If you have not checked our Testosterone Propionate related stories you are welcome to visit these pages now. We promise only valuable information from pro-athletes who have used Test Propionate for years already.

  1. Testosterone Propionate is the cheaper of all the testosterone esters per 10ml bottle and 1ml ampoules. It is available in both generic and brand name versions. The average cost of this steroid is between $15 – $25 per 10ml bottle. Keep in mind though that because of the rate of injection that the user has to implement, which is injections every day or every other day, this will make the cost of it rise. That being said, the cost will vary depending on the individual goals and the amount injected along with the duration of the cycle.

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